OFFICE HOURS - Our office will be closed to the public. If you need to contact our office, please call (815)968-5354 and leave a message or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We will be checking messages and emails. Our                                        response time may be longer than usual in light of the current COVID-19 Stay at Home order.


HEARINGS - Court calls and 341 hearings will proceed telephonically. Please review the following announcements on the court's website.

                      Debtors who have 341 hearings scheduled in April and May, 2020 should contact their attorney for instructions on how to appear telephonically.


DEBTOR EDUCATION - Classes for the month April and May, 2020 are canceled.


DEBTOR PAYMENTS - Debtor plan payments should continue. If you are unable to make your plan payments due to a loss or decrease in income, you should contact your attorney.


It has come to the attention of the Trustee's office that a possible scam is being perpetrated on some Chapter 13 debtors.  The Chapter 13 debtor is contacted by telephone by someone who claims to be calling from the Trustee's office.  The person calling demands that the debtor make an immediate payment.

The Trustee's office will NEVER contact a debtor by telephone and demand a payment.  All payments must be made through TFS or be mailed to the Trustee at P.O. Box 190, Memphis, TN  38101-0190.  If this address changes, debtors will be advised in writing and the address change would be posted on this website.

If you receive a suspicious telephone call or email, contact the Trustee's office or your attorney.



 Electronic Debtor Payments!

The Trustee accepts electronic payments through Nationwide TFS.  Nationwide TFS is a third part vendor not affliliated with the Trustee's office.  If debtors elect to make payments utilizing this service, they are entering into an agreement with TFS, not the Trustee's office.  Any fees charged for this service are collected by TFS, not the Trustee's office.  Neither the Trustee nor the Trustee's office shares in any fees paid to Nationwide TFS.