A.  At a minimum the following documents must be produced to the  
Trustee at least seven (7) days before the 341 hearings.
1.  Proof of income from all sources for six (6) months prior to  
2.  Prior year’s complete tax returns including all attachments.
3.  Proof that debtor has filed last four (4) years of tax returns.
4.  If debtor is self-employed or operates a business, a  
completed business questionnaire with all attachments.
B.  The Trustee and/or her staff attorney will fax to debtors’ attorney a  
memo outlining all documents to be produced at least one week  
before 341.
C.  If the required documents are not produced at least one week prior
to the 341, the Trustee will not conduct the 341 meeting and the
meeting will be rescheduled.


A.  Debtor must have a state-issued picture ID.
B.  Debtor must have proof of Social Security number in a document
that is not prepared by or for the debtor.  A tax return is not sufficient but a W-2 issued by someone other than the debtor is acceptable. A social security card, W-2, 1099, or a printed statement from the social security administration are acceptable.

III.  POST 341 –

If no confirmation issues exist and plan is ready to confirm, the Trustee will
advise court accordingly at time of initial confirmation hearing.  If issues
need to be resolved before a case can be confirmed, the Trustee will file
an Objection to Confirmation outlining the issues and notice same to the
debtor and debtor’s attorney.